Pic de Vissou


The Hercynian mountain chain has been subject to erosion since the end of the first era. This chain, with summits that are sometimes higher than those of the Pyrenees, was flattened down and suffered collapse by the play in the faults which created basins such as that of Lodeve or Graissesac.

 The pic de Vissou near Cabrières - JPEG - 11.7 kb
The pic de Vissou near Cabrières

In this context, the Pic de Vissou (just over 1500 feet) can be seen to look like the projection of a relic in the southern zone of an ancient part of the mountain chain, which has been shaped through the successive wrinkling of ancient marine deposits and whose age spans from 540 to 330 million years.

This is an extraordinary archive, with a fabulous prehistoric bestiary. Cabrières has a wealth of archaeological vestiges. A museographic cellar highlights the different discoveries made since 1979. After 600 million years of turbulence, each geological event has left its mark on today’s landscape and has contributed to its extreme diversity. The Cabrières vineyard has been able to make the best of it.

The Pic de Vissou offers an exceptional panoramic view over one part of the department, from the hills of Cabrières up to the sea and especially on the south slope of Mont Liausson and the Cirque de Mourèze. The “ shark’s tooth”, the Pic’s characteristic shape, is visible from the coast.

The geology of Cabrières is particularly complicated, its rocks are sometimes found to be in a position opposite to that of their original sedimentation: the most ancient rocks sit on top of the more recent ones. The geologists call this situation “the scales of Cabrières”. Certain fossils such as the trilobites, orthoceres and goniatites can be found near the village. Cabrières also has the most ancient copper mines in France and the oldest known prehistoric workshops in Europe for the treating of this ore (the Pioch Farrus mines).

Its sides which have layers of pink marble called ‘morello cherries’ are still being used.

From the Pic de Vissou you can paraglide into the sky and fly over the lake Salagou.


The pic de Vissou - JPEG - 97.3 kb
The pic de Vissou

Crédit CC Clermontais

The pic de Vissou - JPEG - 80.1 kb
The pic de Vissou


The pic de Vissou - JPEG - 128 kb
The pic de Vissou

Crédit CC Clermontais

The pic de Vissou seen from the volcano of Malhubert - JPEG - 91.9 kb
The pic de Vissou seen from the volcano of Malhubert

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