The history of the Clermontais (with a big H) will not be told here, instead you will find thematic fragments which have links with the area.

  • Aspiran, Gallo-Roman villa of Saint Bézard

    The Roman past

    Since Roman times the Clermontais has been travelled across numerous roads that linked the (...)
  • Clermontais olives

    Olive growing

    The olive tree, which first appeared in our area in Roman times, is one of the symbolic (...)
  • Wine harvest in the Clermontais

    Wine growing

    Table grapes Clermont l’Hérault was for a long time called the “capital” of table grapes (...)
  • Octon, Chapel of Notre Dame de Roubignac

    The Hospitallers

    A brief history of the Hospitallers. In 1113, Gérard a monk in charge of a hospice in (...)
  • Ceyras, factory La Planque (private building)

    The sheet-making and textile industry

    The sheet-making industry in the Clermontais is mentioned in documents from the 15th (...)
  • Paleontological site of la Lieude at Mérifons

    The paleontological slab of la Lieude

    A long time before water flooded the Salagou valley in the 1960s, when the dam was (...)
  • Cabrières, mine of Pioch Farrus

    The Pioch Farrus mine

    The Neolithic site of the Broum. Whereas the metallurgical chalcolithic mining site of « (...)