Hotels, Bed & Breakfast, seasonal lets, gites for groups, campsites or camping car servicing points. The Clermont area has a large choice of accommodation for all your stays and for all budgets. The rates mentioned are subject to VAT increase.

  • Hotels

    In town or in the country, for family stays, with friends or in a couple, come and try out (...)
  • Campsites and vacation villages

    The Clermontais campsites offer a large choice of activities for all, whether they're on (...)
  • Seasonal renting

    All our seasonal renting has been classified or labelled so as to offer you quality (...)
  • Bed & Breakfast

    For your short stays, whether in the town or the country, come and stay in one of the many (...)
  • Camper parking

    The Grand Site in the Salagou and Mourèze area is protected because of its exceptional (...)
  • Seminars, weddings...

    Feel like having an authentic, intimate and sharing holiday? Want to have a romantic (...)