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Unusual walks and events


List of Guide Books in the Cœur d’Hérault

 Unique walks around the Grand Site of the Salagou and the Cirque de Mourèze - JPEG - 33.7 kb
Unique walks around the Grand Site of the Salagou and the Cirque de Mourèze

The Cœur d’Hérault guide books offer open-air activities and quality-guided tours for an unusual approach to discovering the countryside and encountering the inhabitants that live here.

  • Impressions verticales, Soundiata : Try conquering the canyons and the cliffs in the Cœur d’Hérault with Sylvain, mountain climbing instructor. Information at 06 33 93 58 48 or www.soundiata.fr
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  • Mountain biking with Sylvia : Mountain biking instructor (certified BEES and Brevet Fédéral). Sylvia will help you to discover the different mountain biking circuits among the familiar hiking routes. Information at 04 67 96 27 17 and 06 20 77 13 39. www.ozone-vtt-cycles.com

Mountain biking at the Salagou

  • Theatre at the lake Salagou : Emmanuel, an actor/guide, will introduce you to some of the local characters. He’ll tell you all about them and their history, recount the geology of the place, and make you feel the lake’s vibrations. So much to reflect on and imagine what the future of the Salagou valley is going to be. Information at 06 28 06 18 69 or http://www.parsemila.org/fr/
  • Hiking with Laure : Laure will comment and guide you while discovering the numerous tracks leading to the secret places in the heart of the Hérault.

For more information: Tel: 06 89 78 71 02 or http://aphyllanthe-randonnee34.blog4ever.com/

Summer hiking programme

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Original ideas for hiking


Marc Monneret, nature guide :

Marc is a guide who offers nature walks to discover the countryside and observe animals. His approach is based on the idea that there should be no barriers between humans and the nature that surrounds us, which is why he decided to share his rich experience of the area.

To reserve for a nature walk of a different kind with Marc as your guide, take a look at his web site: http://baladestraitsnatur-ailes.blogspot.fr/

Les Pépites de Noëlle:

Noëlle Bardou organizes wine events and entertainment. She offers guided tours to wine cellars, likes to share her knowledge about wine and introduce people to wine-tasting, taking people to see beautiful landscape and gives readings on the history of the Hérault. The visits are commented in a joyful ambience with nibbles from the local wine producers, all designed to flatter your tastes!

Don’t be shy about booking an outing.

Tel: 04 67 02 14 42 et Mobile: 06 51 25 70 74

lespepitesdenoelle at gmail.com http://www.lespepitesdenoelle.com/

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Les Pépites de Noelle: tourist organiser (wine, sightseeing)