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Tourism and Special needs


The Clermontais Tourist Office and the Tourisme and Handicap Lable

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Tourism and special needs

After a year and a half of intensive work and cooperation between tourist officials, communication and technical services and the different tourist offices in the towns concerned, the commission for the National Tourisme and Handicap Label has spoken.

The Clermontais Tourist Office was awarded a Label for 5 years. A charter that made official the commitments to be respected was signed with the authorities.

The different kinds of handicaps catered for on our premises are :

  • Clermont l’Hérault : auditory, mental, visual and motor.
  • Paulhan and Mourèze : mental and auditory.
  • Octon : mental, auditory and motor.

The Clermontais Tourist Office, with a staff trained in all the different handicaps, can at present cater for a wide public. According to the stipulations of the label, you will thus find at your disposal in all our premises : ramps, magnetic loops and a guide about the Clermontais in Braille and also in big characters.

Lastly, the Tourist Office has published a guide book on all that is available in the Clermontais area. It is at present in our offices and will very soon be ready for downloading on our internet site and available in printed form in the town halls. This document is an inventory of the establishments and accessibility of services that are open to the public in order to guarantee the best possible reception.