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The Tourist Office has a handful of booklets in French on the towns in the Clermont area including the Grand Site de la Vallée du Salagou et de Mourèze. Also available on hiking, with postcards and posters.


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The mill at Cabrières
JPEG - 215 kb
Aspiran railway station
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Mountain biking circuits in the Hérault
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The Occitan Cross
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Occitan products
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Calendar 2015: the Salagou


Le Grand site du Salagou et de Mourèze

 Celles - JPEG - 5.6 kb
 The Cirque de Mourèze - JPEG - 6.7 kb
The Cirque de Mourèze
 Salagou, fantastic landscape - JPEG - 6.2 kb
Salagou, fantastic landscape

Booklets on the Clermont area

 The Salagou dam - JPEG - 6.6 kb
The Salagou dam
 Roman villa, Aspiran - JPEG - 8.4 kb
Roman villa, Aspiran
 Mérifons - JPEG - 6.8 kb

Towns and Villages in the Clermont area

 The history of Clermont - JPEG - 4.3 kb
The history of Clermont
 Ceyras - JPEG - 5.2 kb
 History of Paulhan - JPEG - 3.8 kb
History of Paulhan

Hiking and Open air activities

 The Hérault on foot - JPEG - 9.1 kb
The Hérault on foot
 Map of the Salagou and Lodève - JPEG - 7 kb
Map of the Salagou and Lodève
 Rando Label, Hérault - JPEG - 8 kb
Rando Label, Hérault

Postcards and Posters

 Poster of the lake Salagou - JPEG - 47.8 kb
Poster of the lake Salagou
 Post cards of the Salagou and Villeneuvette - JPEG - 6.1 kb
Post cards of the Salagou and Villeneuvette

Below, a complete list of books and prices, on sale in the Clermont Tourist Office :

PDF - 1.9 Mb
Tourist Office Boutique: list of books
PDF - 304.4 kb
The Clermontais Boutique: prices
PDF - 563.3 kb
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