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Tourist informations

The Tourist Office has installed I Mobile spots at the Cabrières, Fontès and Paulhan Caves.

The Point i-mobile : what is it really ?...

The Point i-mobile is a place which has been set up by the Tourist Office and its partners to allow visitors to the area to take advantage of the following services :

A free (and secure) WiFi connection ;

The equipment to recharge mobile phones (tablets, smartphones,…);

Quality tourist information provided by the Tourist Office.

The Point i-mobile is also a trademark used by the Tourist Offices of France®. It allows the Tourist Office to organize and promote tourist information and WiFi access all over the country, not just in its offices but also for its partners (cafés, rented accommodations, places to visit …)

The Point i-mobile

Point I-Mobile in the Clermontais region

Caveau de Cabrières Route de Fontes 34800 Cabrières 04 67 96 91 65 http://www.cabrieres.com/

JPEG - 109.8 kb
Point I Mobile Cabrières

Caveau de Fontès "La Fontésole" 16 bd Jules Ferry 34320 Fontès 04 67 25 14 25 http://www.les-vignerons-de-fontes.com/

JPEG - 101.1 kb
Point I Mobile Fontès

Caveau Clochers et Terroirs de Paulhan Route de la Clairette 34230 Paulhan 04 67 25 01 50 http://www.clochersetterroirs.fr/

 Point i mobile de Paulhan - JPEG - 16.6 kb
Point i mobile de Paulhan