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General tourist information


The Clermontais Tourist Office has a Category III rating since August 2013. It belongs to the networks of the National Federation of Tourist Offices and the Departmental Federation of the Hérault’s Tourist Offices.

Guarantees and commitments :

  • To make available hosting and information places that are easily accessible to the general public.
  • To make it easier to find what you’re looking for.
  • To provide a furnished reception area.
  • To give free information about what our local tourism has to offer.
  • To display and broadcast its opening times in French and in English.
  • To be open the whole year.
  • To answer emails and letters all year round.
  • To ensure a permanently staffed reception that speaks at least one foreign language.
  • To give open access to our internet site that has at least one part of it translated into other languages.
  • To publish our tourist information also on paper, translated at least into one other language and relating to :

** 1 – All the classified tourist accommodation available, with the name of the establishment, the postal address, email and internet site addresses, telephone number and rank of classification.

** 2 – All the public buildings and cultural, nature or leisure tourist attractions, which should contain some indication of pricing, times and periods when they are open to the public, with their internet, telephone and postal contact details.

** 3 – Information about events and activities.

** 4 – Emergency telephone numbers.

  • Annual updating of tourist information.
  • Displaying emergency numbers outside the Office.
  • Treating complaints and measuring satisfaction.
  • Having an adviser in residence.
  • Guaranteeing reliability about the latest information on local tourism.
  • Updating data about tourism in the geographic area concerned.