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The Clermontais is the great tourist place to visit in the « Cœur d’Hérault »

Come and discover the Clermontais in the « Cœur d’Hérault » and share a wonderful experience with your loved ones. The Clermontais, a place of character and multiple facets, is tucked away in a natural environment. It is part of a rich cultural heritage which offers itself without restraint, to the adventurous.

Far from the bustle of Montpellier, the capital of the Hérault, and the shores of the Mediterranean, the Clermontais takes on all the intensity of the South at every tourist season and without losing any of its authenticity.

Come and stay for a while, or just come and hang out in our well-preserved paradise, in the simplest way possible. Discover its rich and exceptional environment, its architectural heritage, its natural jewels (Clermont l’Hérault, the lake Salagou and the Cirque de Mourèze) and Villeneuvette, the ancient royal manufactory. All surrounded by charming little villages, vineyards and olive groves.

  • Grand Site, the Salagou and Mourèze

    The lake Salagou was classified only recently in 2003 whereas the Cirque de Mourèze was (...)
  • Towns and villages

  • Nature and geology

    One part of the Clermontais territory is in a classified Natura 2000 zone, allowing thus (...)
  • History

    The olive tree, which first appeared in our area in Roman times, is one of the symbolic (...)
  • Guided tours

    In the holiday season, our conference guide is here to accompany you on your visit of the (...)
  • Discovery holidays

  • The surrounding area

    The territory that defines the Clermontais is situated right in the centre of the Hérault, (...)