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The Clermontais district is made up of 21 towns and villages, each with its own particularity.

The main town is Clermont l’Hérault with 8200 inhabitants. The total population of all the municipalities put together is more than 20 000 inhabitants. Right in the centre of the Hérault department, at the crossroads of two motorways and 35 minutes away from Montpellier, Beziers and the Mediterranean, the Clermontais is the ideal place to have a holiday. Come and discover it and all its different facets.

  • Clermont l’Hérault, the old sheet-making town

    The Ramasse hill in the Clermontais is known to have been inhabited by humans dating from (...)
  • Nébian, the ancient commandery

    At the end of the 10th century a commandery was considered to be a villa, and then in 1038 (...)
  • Paulhan, the circular village

    The written history of Paulhan begins in 990. At the time, ordinary life was organized (...)
  • Villeneuvette, the Royal Manufactory

    In 1673, Pierre Baille, a sheet-making merchant from Clermont-de-Lodève (Clermont l’Hérault) (...)
  • Around the Salagou

    A grandiose and imposing landscape, the dolomite circle of Mourèze came into being 160 (...)
  • On the water’s edge

    Even though Canet is situated in the plain, its history is marked by water. The village to (...)
  • In the middle of the vineyards

    Saint Félix de Lodez was named as such relatively recently, in 1325. The oldest reference (...)