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Mountain biking and bicycle touring


The Clermontais has lots of places to practice open air sports, and especially mountain biking.

Around the lake Salagou and its surrounds there are more than 17 clearly marked trails going from just over 1/2 a mile to almost 19 miles, thus giving children and experienced hikers the occasion to discover the wonderful Clermontais landscape.

Mountain biking has become a popular sport and thus security is a priority for the municipality. There are more than 186 miles of marked trails to discover, which are comfortable to use and will satisfy your curiosity, they go from the lake Salagou, from Octon to Paulhan, or from Mérifons to Cabrières, and you can find many, many more.

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Map for crossing the Mediteranean part of the Larzac
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Guide for "Traversée Larzac Méditerranée"
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Map of mountain biking
Circuit Départ
Le lac du Salagou Parking rives de Clermont l’Hérault
Les balcons du Salagou Parking rives de Clermont l’Hérault
La Ramasse Parking cave coopérative de Clermont l’Hérault
La Dourbie Parking de Villeneuvette
Le Gouffre de Péret Cave coopérative de Cabrières
Les Crozes Cave coopérative de Cabrières
Le Toucou Parking de l’église à Octon
La Tour du Castellas Malavieille, direction la Lieude
Le Puech Parking rives des Vailhés
Circuit enfants Parking rives de Clermont l’Hérault
Circuit enfants Parking rives des Vailhés
Circuit débutant Parking de la salle des fêtes à Paulhan
Circuit débutant Parking de la salle des fêtes à Paulhan
Circuit débutant Parking de la salle des fêtes à Paulhan
Le Malhubert parking du cimetière d’Aspiran

Bicycle enthusiasts will not be left out. There are 3 existing marked-out circuits to discover our region going from almost 16 to 27 miles. They will take you down the small roads, around the lake Salagou and the vineyards in the area and through our little villages, typical of the charming Languedoc style, where you can stop and have a break.

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The cœur d’Hérault, on bicycle
NomDépartNoDist.Dénivelé DuréeNiveau
Vignobles et capitelles en clermontais Lieuran Cabrières 5 30 km 160 m 2h30 vert
Villeneuvette et le cirque de Mourèze Nébian 6 25 km 220 m 2h15 bleu
Le Tour du Lac du Salagou Rives de Clermont l’Hérault 7 43 km 240 m 3h30 bleu

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