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In the middle of the vineyards

  • Ancient door to a town house at Aspiran


    The presence of different ancient sites and the traces of manufactured wine vases are all (...)
  • Brignac, gated entrance of the church


    In the days of Antiquity, the land of Brignac was worked on by different farms, traces of (...)
  • Tiberet, near Cabrières


    Cabrières, which is situated at the foot of the Pic du Vissou (over 1500 ft) is a (...)
  • Chapel of Notre Dame des Buis at Péret


    It was 5000 years ago that the first inhabitants lived in Péret. Nothing remains of them, (...)
  • The church of Valmascle


    Valmascle mentioned for the first time in 1323, belonged to the Barony of Pézènes and (...)
  • Saint Félix de Lodez, the porch

    Saint Félix de Lodez

    Saint Félix de Lodez was named as such relatively recently, in 1325. The oldest reference (...)