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Around the Salagou

  • View of Mourèze from the Courtinals park

    Mourèze, its Cirque and its history

    A grandiose and imposing landscape, the dolomite circle of Mourèze came into being 160 (...)
  • View of the village from Mont Liausson


    The Celts who were the original inhabitants of Liausson installed themselves on the (...)
  • The 'place des Comédiens' at Salasc


    The origins of Salasc are very ancient. Archaeological excavations have brought to light (...)
  • The square Paul Vigné of Octon


    There are two theories about the origin of the name Octon: that it comes from "Octavianum" (...)
  • The castellas of Malavieille near Mérifons


    Mérifons in the heart of the Salagou valley, a charming little village made up of several (...)
  • Old sign post


    Contrary to what happened with the other villages, written documents have nothing to say (...)
  • The village saved from the waters, Celles


    The village of Celles is an integral part of the history of the Salagou valley even though (...)